Leah Remini’s Husband And Others React To The Star’s 20/20 Special On Scientology From Friday Night!

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Good to see people standing behind Leah Remini!

Obviously, the star was the big story on Friday night when she went on ABC News for a 20/20 special exposing her relationship with the Church of Scientology!

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And while we learned quite a bit from the special itself on Friday, it’s also great to see people supporting Leah after what must have been a very emotional night!

Her husband, Angelo Pagan, has been tweeting his reactions and responding to fans:

And of course, Leah herself was moved to weigh in on the night:

And other stars like Holly Robinson Peete chimed in:

All in all, what a night and what an interview about the church!

What’d U think of the ABC News special??

[Image via Michael Wright/WENN.]

Oct 31, 2015 4:59pm PST

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