Nicki Minaj Uses Her Halloween Wand To ‘Command’ A Person In A Wheelchair To Walk In Awkward Vid — But Is The Person A Friend In On The Joke??

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This is not a good look.

Nicki Minaj was hosting a Halloween party at 1OAK night club in Las Vegas this weekend, when she decided to use her wand — she was dressed as a fairy — in a really awkward way.

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In a video that was originally shared on Instagram, the performer can be seen laughing with friends, and then turning around and “commanding” someone to walk with the wave of her wand.

As the camera pans, we see… a person in a wheelchair. Uh-oh.

Check out the video (below):

Some sources are revealing that the person in question may be a friend of Nicki’s — makeup artist Sheika Daley — and may have been sitting in the wheelchair for the moment without actually being disabled. That, at least, would mean there’s some kind of inside joke between them, we’d think?!

Nevertheless, others are still offended the star made a joke like that.

What do U think — did Nicki take it too far, or should people lighten up??

[Image via Instagram.]

Nov 1, 2015 12:34pm PDT

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