Man Suing Ashley Madison Site For Millions Over THIS Ridiculously Sausage-y Reason!

ashley madison man sues sausage fest women false advertising class action

Good luck with this one!

Back in August, — the site for scumbags to sign up and meet other married people to cheat on their spouses with — was hacked, and all of the site’s user info was released.

Millions of members had signed up for the site, meaning that there were several people — average joes and celebrities alike — that had to deal with the consequences.

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Shortly after the hack, several people combed through the gigabytes of data to analyze it and it was found that the site was basically a sausage fest.

Well now, one man, David Poyet, is trying to use that to his advantage as he’s going to attempt to sue AshleyMadison for false claims!

David believes he has a case and is looking for a payout of $5 million. Poyet claims he was lured to the site because it stated that there were about 5.5 million women signed up — about 30% of the users.

Well after the hack, analysis of the information revealed that only about 15% of all users were women.

The lawsuit also alleges that there were only about 12,000 REAL women on the site, with several profiles being fake.

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But this isn’t just a one-man mission as David hopes that others will join him in a class action lawsuit for unfair and fraudulent business practices!

LOLz! Good luck finding other married men willing to step forward and admit to trying to cheat on their wives!

Does David have a case?

On the one hand, this does seem to be blatant false advertising. On the other, he’s accusing a business that purports to facilitate cheating with being dishonest, so…

What do you think? Does David make a valid argument or should he just move on with his life?

[Image via Ashley Madison.]

Nov 2, 2015 10:01am PDT

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