Mother Shares Pics Of Needles She Found In Her Kids’ Halloween Candy! Read Up On All The Stories Of Trick ‘R Treat Tampering HERE

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It seems like it happens every single year around Halloween!

Authorities across the country are busy urging parents to be safe and cautious in checking their children’s candy collected at trick-or-treating events from the Halloween weekend to ensure there are no needles, pins, or other sharp objects hidden inside!

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The controversy — which comes up every year around Halloween — was fueled this week when a Facebook post from New Jersey went viral on Sunday night with a woman claiming she found a piece of metal in her children’s trick-or-treating haul!

The mother, Michelle Garwood, wrote on the social network about the candy, which was collected in the town of Woodbury Heights:

“I could not believe as we go trick-or-treating there every year with no problems. I grew up in this town and felt safe to go trick-or-treating here. I am shocked. I notified police via phone and tomorrow, I will go there to make a report and show them the candy and the pin that was found in it.”

Woodbury Heights police did in fact confirm that they received a report about candy that had possibly been tampered with, and released a statement:

“We urge all parents to check your candy thoroughly. As with other reports, it is unknown if the tampering was done at home, at the factory, or somewhere in between. If you find candy that appears to be tampered with, please report it to your local Police Department immediately.”

From there… all hell broke loose!

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In Pennsylvania, five kids found a “needle-type item” in their candy bars. In Minnesota, a mom reported another needle found in her child’s candy.

In Ohio, a family found a “small metal object” in a Baby Ruth candy bar. In Maryland, a teenager found a sewing needle in a Twizzlers candy he got trick-or-treating on Saturday.

And in New York, parents found a pink pill with the number “4” written on it buried deep inside a Snickers bar!

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Police are still testing the pill, but what do U make of all these candy capers??


[Image via USA Today.]

Nov 2, 2015 4:26pm PDT

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