What Do Kanye West & Jay Z Demand From Hotels? Find Out What Being An A-Lister Can Really Get You HERE!

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It’s no secret that being a celeb comes with a ton of perks, but just how much power does being at the very top of the A-List get you?

Judging by what Kanye West and Jay Z get to demand from the hotels they stay at… a whole lot!

In a recent report on the rappers’ contracts with different lodgings, we get an inside look on what today’s most famous stars splurge on — but also which normal things still keep them down to Earth.

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For instance, Kanye only likes speakers that were discontinued in the early ’00s… but he’s also a fan of regular ol’ mint floss.

A complete list of what K and Jay require when traveling includes:

Jay Z

71 degree room.
Child-proof suite for Blue Ivy.
No vacuuming near his room.
Three Mayan candles ($240 value.)
No asking for concert tickets.
Ace of Spades champagne (His own brand.)
Organic Whole milk.

Kanye West

Cylindrical vases.
Kashi cereal.
Black towels.
Mint floss.
Genelecs 1031a speaker ($2875 value.)
13 bottles of liquor ($3000 value.)

See, they really are just like us! LOLz!

Kanye and Jay Z are two of Hollywood’s highest paid musicians, so we’re actually surprised their lists aren’t even more extensive.

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Plus, Kim Kardashian West needs to have a chat with Kanye about getting North West that child-proof clause that Jay has for Blue! LOLz!

Which of the pair’s demands do U find most peculiar??

[Image via PNP/WENN.]

Nov 2, 2015 12:03pm PDT

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