Pat Houston Breaks Her Silence Following Bobbi Kristina’s Passing, Says She Wanted To Set Up An Intervention

pat houston talks bobbi kristina

How sad!

On Monday, Pat Houston opened up about the tragic passing of her niece, Bobbi Kristina, which happened over three months ago.

In a recent interview, the R&B scion’s aunt revealed that she had actually been planning an intervention for BK prior to the bathtub incident that resulted in her coma and inevitable death.

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She noted:

“When we really found out that Krissy was in trouble, we were really making plans to do something about it, but it just came too late.”

Tissues, anyone?!

Apparently, that specific plan included a stint in a rehab facility in California for Whitney Houston‘s daughter. Unfortunately, the family were unable to discuss the situation with the heiress before she was found unconscious in a bathtub.

Pat also explained that she had been cautious around the reality TV starlet’s boyfriend Nick Gordon.

Currently, Nick is a main suspect in Bobbi Kristina’s demise and has been accused of injecting the aspiring singer with a “toxic mixture” before the incident.

In fact, Pat even placed a restraining order on him after he put threatening posts that featured guns online. Scary!

In a more heart-wrenching moment, the Grammy winner’s sister shared what she wished you could’ve said to Bobbi.

According to Entertainment Tonight, she revealed:

“You don’t have to be afraid to speak out. You have to have self-worth. You have to love yourself. You have to call on people and not allow someone to divide you and then conquer you.”

Pat even addressed her tension with the Browns and commented on the rumors that Bobby Brown‘s desired to write a memoir on the whole ordeal.

She relayed:

“I don’t really judge when it come to that. It could be something that’s really healing for him. You really never know what a person is going through, so if he feels that he wants to write, he’ll do it. The only thing is you’ve got to be very truthful. If it’s good or bad, you’d got to own it.”

Well said.

Our hearts are with the entire Houston/Brown family during this hard time.

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Nov 2, 2015 3:22pm PDT

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