Serial‘s Second Season Finds A New Home At Pandora!

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We’ve already heard a bit of news about Season Two… but this is going to make it even bigger!

Serial may have been one of the most iconic pieces of pop culture from 2014, but it sounds like for this year’s case, even more people will be able to hear Sarah Koenig‘s take on an infamous crime.

That’s because it was revealed on Monday morning that the new season of the This American Life spin-off will be available on Pandora!

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NPR‘s Ira Glass made the announcement himself, praising Pandora’s easy accessibility, saying:

“For people already listening to Serial and This American Life, nothing will change. But we believe lots of people who’d like our shows simply haven’t heard of them, or haven’t started listening to podcasts. Serial is the biggest podcast in the world, but only 17 percent of Americans listen to podcasts at all. That’s why it’s so exciting for us to work with Pandora. Pandora reaches millions of people who never listen to public radio or download podcasts. This’ll get our shows to them.”

Apparently, the music streaming service got the rights to the podcast and will be airing the Adnan Syed episodes starting November 24 ahead of the yet-to-be-determined second season premiere.

There were rumors going around that the sophomore year of the Peabody Award-winning series will document U.S. Army soldier Bowe Bergdhal who was charged with desertion back in April, so could we see a fast turn-around before 2015 ends?

And don’t worry… Serial will still be available on all of the platforms it’s been on so far, now there’s just one more way to tune in!

[Image via Serial/Instagram.]

Nov 2, 2015 1:09pm PDT

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