Watch As A Drunk Uber Passenger Brutally Attacks His Driver — And Gets What’s Coming To Him!

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This is so scary!

An Uber driver in Costa Mesa, California was finishing up his daytime shift at 8 p.m. on Friday night when he was brutally attacked by his drunk passenger from the back seat of the car.

Driver Edward Caban had been taking the passenger, Benjamin Golden, home when Golden turned out to be to drunk to provide directions — or even stay awake.

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Golden had also been swearing at Caban the entire ride, and the driver was worried about Golden’s safety and mental state while being so intoxicated.

Eventually, after U-turns and verbal abuse, Caban pulled over and informed his passenger that the ride was over. It was then that Golden began his violent assault, punching and attempting to throw the driver’s head into the window of the car!

Caban finally steadied himself and used his pepper spray on Golden, who ran out of the car in pain! Police appeared moments later to arrest Golden on the assault.

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Golden, 32, is reportedly a senior marketing manager for Taco Bell. A spokesman from Uber says that the company has banned Golden for life from using the service.

Caban says he will never work for Uber again.

Check out the full video of the attack (below) but please note NSFW language and imagery:

[Image via YouTube.]

Nov 2, 2015 11:33am PST

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