Chris Brown Fires Back At Media Claims Of Addiction To Sizzurp — See What He Had To Say HERE

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Who to believe?!

A new report was just released that claims Chris Brown‘s friends and family are very worried about him because they believe he’s addicted to sizzurp.

The 26-year-old’s photo (above) where C-breezy is sitting front and center was used as some partial evidence because a cup that’s commonly associated with the purple drank can be seen by Brown’s foot.

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It’s reported that the Post to Be singer’s loved ones believe that the problem has been getting worse over the past few weeks and they’re concerned about Chris losing custody of his daughter, Royalty!

Well apparently CB saw this story coming a mile away, and took to Twitter to defend himself before the story even dropped! He tweeted:

It is true that Chris tested positive for codeine during his custody battle, but the results were overlooked because the rapper had a prescription.

We don’t think that Brown needed to address the story necessarily, and we hope it’s not him being overly defensive out of guilt, but most of all, we’re hoping that the singer knows his limits!

What do you think? Was Chris’s defense convincing or is he being too overly protective trying to squash a story that he probably could have just written off!

[Image via Instagram.]

Nov 3, 2015 8:13am PDT

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