High School Principal Says Dress Codes Help Girls Preserve Their Virginity — And Admits He Needs To ‘Control His Eyes’ More!

jim bazen high school dress code

This is just all kinds of wrong!

Last week, Principal Jim Bazen of Plymouth Christian High School, posted a fairly controversial editorial about dress codes to Michigan Live.

Bazen’s article was a response to a Grand Rapid’s Press opinion piece about sexism, but many believe the Michigan principal crossed the line.

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In the editorial, he wrote:

And our girls are taught by the media that ‘sex’ or ‘being sexy’ will get them attention, especially from boys … and they get it.

The principal then went on to explain how men are wired differently than women and are more visual, and critique women who wear a “short skirt, tight pants/leggings, shorty shorts, or tight shirt.”

He continued:

“So when administrators say that girls’ athletic wear is sexually provocative, what they mean is: when young men (or not so young) see (young) women in these outfits, they lust. Yes, this is a result of man’s total depravity. Our once pure minds are corrupted by the fall (original sin).”

Jim wrapped up his response by stating:

“Women should not be afraid of their sexuality. Women should be afraid of those who admire them only for their “great body”. We would like them to preserve this wonderful gift (virginity) for their “one and only”. Yes, this is how we spend our educational energy teaching our children to respect themselves and each other. I’m grateful that a little over a year ago, this wasted educational energy was removed from our school by the implementation of uniforms.”

The school administrator has received quite a bit of backlash for his words.

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While some women’s rights activists have fired at Bazen in a very blunt fashion, Lori Carpentier, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan had a very rational and well thought out response:

“We agree that there is inherent sexism in many school dress codes. This is why we offer age-appropriate, medically-accurate sex education that teaches young people about self-respect, respect for the bodily integrity of others and how to abstain from sexual activity. The best way for young people ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ male or female ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ to protect their virginity, is to learn how to set their own boundaries and to respect the boundaries of others.”

Despite the controversy, Bazen is standing by his words. In fact, he even wants to add a couple things. He said later in an interview:

“I stand by what I wrote because I think that dressing provocatively is degrading to women. Now, I also wish I’d added, ‘Men, you need to control your eyes. You need to look away instead of make a woman a sex object in your mind.’ But I stand by my basic thought: The way to help women is to get rid of pornography, and get rid of the dress that is provocative.”

If that wasn’t disturbing enough, he continued by saying:

“I’m coming at this from a biblical and Christian perspective. In Timothy 2, Verse 9, it says that women should wear modest clothing. People can call me a pervert or whatever they want, but the fact is, I am coming from the point of total depravity. I don’t put myself above anybody. I say to the ladies, ‘Please dress in a non-provocative way.’ And I need to control my eyes as well and not think in a lustful way.”

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Perhaps the problem isn’t women, but your “lustful” ways. Ick!

Jim did try to further explain himself by saying:

“I’ve done a number of surveys of the male population, and it’s almost unanimous on this issue. They are affected by revealing clothing. It does have a turn-on effect. I’m not anti-women. I just don’t want them to be seen as sex objects.”

The way for women not to be seen as sex objects is for people to transcend their innate animal desires — and that means being educated about sex, not sequestered and draped in extra cloth!

This continued vilification of the female body as the cause of “sin” is preposterous and backward.

What do YOU think?

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Nov 3, 2015 3:16pm PDT

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