Justin Bieber’s 21-Year-Old Ex Jasmine Villegas Is Expecting Her First Child With THIS Teenage Vine Star!

justin bieber ex pregnant

Baby on board!

On Monday, Jasmine Villegas (AKA Jasmine V) confirmed in an interview with Cosmo for Latinas that she’s six months pregnant. Whoa, we didn’t see that one coming!

It’s rumored that her baby daddy is Vine star Ronnie Banks, who the singer has been reportedly dating for about a year. Still, Justin Bieber‘s ex-girlfriend chose NOT to identify her unborn child’s poppa in her tell-all.

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Hmm, very inneresting. We have a feeling that’s because the internet celebrity JUST turned 18 years old last month. Merp!

Nonetheless, it appears the 21-year-old is excited about her little one’s impending arrival.

On finding out she was expecting, she shared:

“Well, it came as a total shock. You take the test, and you’re not sure, and then you take another one. It was a very crazy moment for me; I never thought I would have a baby at 22, but I’m definitely excited. I’m super excited to meet my baby and to be a mom.”

Despite her excitement, Miz V is well aware of the changes that will come now that she’s pregnant — especially when it comes to her music career.

She noted:

“Of course, there are different consequences. I can’t run on stage and perform. And I’ll have to work 10 times harder. There will be no ‘off’ days anymore. I’ll still be recording songs though, and I’m thrilled to be sharing my journey through social media.”

Well said! However, Jasmine is aware how the public may perceive her now that she’s destined to be a young mother.

She relayed:

“The fact that I’m still young made me so nervous. You never know what people will say. It’s looked down on to be young and pregnant in this country. You have shows like 16 and Pregnant, where kids are put on a pedestal to be judged. A girl who has a child young is thought of as fast and wild, or as someone who doesn’t know how to raise a child. But I’ve always known that I wanted kids, and I know that I’m old enough and that I’m responsible. In Latino culture, it’s normal to have kids young.”

What a mature answer. We’re so impressed with how the starlet is handling this life-changing news.

Be sure to let us know where to RSVP for the baby shower, m’kay??

[Image via Jasmine Villegas/Instagram.]

Nov 3, 2015 10:10am PDT

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