Brooks Ayers Claims He Never Told Vicki Gunvalson He Had Cancer — Which One Of Them Is Lying?!

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This settles it… one of them is straight up lying!

As you’re probably aware, Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers have been at the center of controversy all year on Real Housewives of Orange County due to their cancer diagnosis claims.

Well, now that this season of the Bravo docu-series is officially over, it seems like Vicki’s ex is doing everything he can to make her the bad guy.

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In a sit-down interview with E! News on Tuesday, Brooks dropped a bombshell saying he never technically told Vicki he had pancreatic cancer! He explained:

“I’m not responsible for what Vicki communicated to people. I know, again, I have emails from Vicki, clarifying that as well, where she says she absolutely misspoke…

She sensationalizes things from time to time, and she doesn’t get it accurate…

Vicki heard ‘pancreatic cancer,’ and she communicated that.”


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While this doesn’t explain why he went along with the health plot all season, it’s still unclear if this means Vicki has been lying to her friends from the start, or if Brooks lied first and is just protecting himself now.

What do U think about the latest news out of RHOC??

Ch-ch-check out the potentially damning interview (below)!!!

Nov 3, 2015 6:15pm PDT

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