Gay Man Wants To Marry His Adopted Son Now That Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal… But When You Hear Why You’ll Be On Their Side!

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Eat your heart out, Kim Davis!

While we’d normally never approve of a father and child getting married, the details behind one couple’s lifelong struggle to wed is truly an inspiration.

Nino Esposito and Drew Bosee first met at a Pittsburgh church on Easter in 1970, and have been together ever since November 13 that very same year. And although they’ve spent a staggering 45 years in love, back in 2012, they reached the point where they never thought they’d be able to get married.

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That’s when they came up with the idea that Nino would adopt Drew, a decade his junior, to ensure they had familial rights as they continued to age.

Sadly, the adoption process was much simpler than trying to get married in a state that didn’t allow same-sex marriage… until 2014, that is.

To the couple’s surprise, just two years after they legally became father and son, it became legal for them to get married! The only problem?

The state wouldn’t let them annul the adoption, still making it impossible for the two to marry one another.

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Luckily, the couple’s lawyer isn’t as homophobic as the rest of the lawmakers in the state, and is taking their case to the Supreme Court where a three-judge panel will decide once and for all if Nino and Drew can finally go by the same label they’ve known to be true for half a century.

What do U think about Pennsylvania’s decision to punish the pair for figuring out a loophole to their original prejudiced laws??

Good luck, guys!

[Image via Nino Esposito & Drew Bosee/Facebook.]

Nov 4, 2015 2:09pm PDT

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