Awesome! Ultra Mormon & Conservative Salt Lake City Just Elected Utah’s First Openly Gay Mayor!

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History in the making!

You may not know her name just yet, but get ready to hear a whole lot about Jackie Biskupski.

That’s because the Democrat was just projected to become the first openly gay Mayor of Utah!

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After votes were tallied late Tuesday night, the numbers came in in Jackie’s favor with 52.19 percent of voters siding with her over incumbent Mayor Ralph Becker.

While her opponent didn’t concede the race since the results were so close going into Wednesday, Jackie, a former state legislator, did issue a statement to her supporters thanking them for their hard work, saying:

“It’s about all these people in this room. Look at the people in this room. This is a diverse group of people from all over the city. This is about having a voice again…

I feel great! We maintained that lead we had, and we’re going to finish strong, I know it.”

Jackie could technically still lose the vote, but we’re really hoping that she was able to get her fellow Salt Lake City citizens, who are notoriously Mormon and Conservative, to vote for an out lesbian.

Look how happy she and her son Archie are — they just have to win!

Congrats on the projected win, Mayor Jackie!

[Image via Jackie Biskupski/Facebook.]

Nov 4, 2015 3:49pm PDT

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