James Franco’s Band Signs A Record Deal Ahead Of Their Album Dropping Next Year — Get The Exciting Details HERE!

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One step closer!

James Franco already has an extremely long list of accomplishments that include being an Oscar nominated actor, a director, a published poet, as well as continuing his education by enrolling in a doctorate program at Yale.

Well now he can add rock star to that list!

You read that right! Franco’s band, Daddy, has just been signed a record deal.

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The band, which includes multi-instrumentalist Tim O’Keefe, signed to Kobalt ahead of their upcoming album titled, Let Me Get What I Want.

They released a statement expressing their excitement saying:

“We are really excited to partner with Kobalt on our upcoming Daddy album and film. Kobalt has the right forward-thinking approach to work with a project as unique as ours, where we see our work not only existing within the music realm, but extending into the film, art space, and beyond on an independent basis.”

James also took to Instagram to share a pic and an article about the news in a post (below).

Daddy is a band that’s very heavily influenced by The Smiths — so much so that they even were able to get the famed group’s bassist, Andy Rourke, to play on the album!

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But The Smiths love runs deeper than that! James’ book of poetry, Directing Herbert White, has two different sections in it with poems that are inspired by the band’s greatest hits with each poem being named after a song!

But the great news doesn’t stop there!

If you love music videos, then you’ll be stoked to learn that each track on Let Me Get What I Want will have an accompanying music video that can either be watched individually or chronologically — as it will tell a larger story!

What do you think of the great news for Seth Rogen‘s best bud? Are you going to pick up a copy of their album that’s supposed to drop next year or are you getting a Franco overload?

If you need a little taste, check out the music video for This Charming Man (below)

[Image via Guitar Hero.]

Nov 4, 2015 7:34am PST

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