Kim Kardashian Accidentally Shares Same Retouched AND Unretouched Photo! The Horror!

Kim Kardashian photoshops her ponytail and neck.

Busted!!! Again.

Kim Kardashian West accidentally posted an unretouched image on Facebook of herself puckering up to Kanye West during Kendall Jenner‘s 20th birthday party on Monday.

Photos: Major Celeb Photoshop FAILS!

You could see her ponytail bulge and flyaways!

People immediately noticed that the particular pic was NOT the airbrushed version Kimmy had also posted on Instagram and Twitter.


The shot was promptly deleted — but not before some enterprising individual made a GIF to reveal how the 35-year-old alters her images.

She even smoothed down her neck skin a little!

Check it out for yourself (below)!

Kim Kardashian photoshops her ponytail and neck.

Would YOU airbrush your hair, or insist that your high-priced hairdresser got it right the first time, Perezcious readers???

[Image via Kim Kardashian Instagram]

Nov 4, 2015 5:15pm PDT

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