Leah Remini Tells Wendy Williams Why She Got In Trouble At Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes’ Wedding — Plus, After Leaving Scientology Is She Scared Of The Church?!

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She’s a troublemaker!

Leah Remini has been giving a metric ton of interviews about her new book Troublemaker and leaving the Church of Scientology — and her latest sit-down is as juicy as any of them.

Video: Watch Leah Tearfully Respond To Katie Holmes’ Statement

The King of Queens star stopped by Wendy Williams on Wednesday afternoon to chat about the church, and to make it clear she isn’t worried about the Church coming after her, saying:

“Here’s the thing, I’m from Brooklyn. I might be very naive, I know I’ve been in California. I’m there more time now, but I still have that inside of me, so I’m good. I’m not worried about nothing. What I’m worried about is breaking a nail.”

She sure is brave about the whole thing!

But why write the book at all? Leah says it’s just something she has to do:

“I was in the church for over three decades and I promoted my church, they wanted me to promote the church. I was very vocal about the church when I was in so I thought, well, I have to be vocal now that I’m leaving because that’s just who I am.”

But aside from being courageous, Leah also talked more about her relationships with current Scientologists, getting in trouble at Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ wedding, and if she thinks she was recruited to bring her BFF Jennifer Lopez into the Church!

Ch-ch-check out Leah’s scandalous full interview with Wendy (below)!!!

[Image via The Wendy Williams Show.]

Nov 4, 2015 4:40pm PDT

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