The Mystery Of Why *NSYNC Spelled Their Name With A Star Is Finally SOLVED — And It Has To Do With Psychic Power!

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World philosophers and ├óΓé¼╦£90s nostalgia nerds can breathe easy, because we FINALLY know the answer to one of the world’s most saught-after questions├óΓé¼┬ª

Why the f*ck is there a star in the name *NSYNC!?

According to former bandmate Joey Fatone, the decision was birthed before the band took off.

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During a trip to the U.K. in an attempt to build a European fanbase, they had a chance encounter with Israeli illusionist Uri Geller in London’s Covent Garden — a meeting that led to one of the music industry’s biggest mysteries!

Fatone told the Huffington Post:

“We saw [Uri Geller] in the U.K., and this is when we were obviously establishing *NSYNC, and he goes, ‘I see something. It has to do with suns or stars or something with astronomy in your career.’ And it’s funny, a year later when we did the first album, for America, they had a star in it.”

There you have it!

While the former No Strings Attached crooner didn’t remember too many details of the meeting, Geller himself seemed to recall the past much more clearly. He said:

“We sat down and I wrote, on a napkin, NSYNC, and I drew a star in the cafe. And I told them, if they place that star on their first CD, they’re going to shoot up to No. 1.”

Their album actually ended up reaching No. 2 on the Billboard chart, but that prediction was close enough for us!

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The 68-year-old illusionist said he remembers Justin Timberlake taking the napkin, adding:

“I think drawing and writing down their name and creating that star gave them that subliminal push to go for it.”

Who knew the chart-topping band had a Social Network-esque encounter about changing their name to be more aesthetically pleasing! Like JT said himself in the movie…

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Only, you know, the opposite! LOLz!

[Image via RCA Records.]

Nov 4, 2015 2:00pm PDT

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