Drunk Uber Passenger Who Assaulted His Driver Gives A Teary-Eyed Apology — But The Driver Is NOT Buying It!

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Earlier this week, footage surfaced of a drunk Uber passenger brutally attacking his driver from the back seat of the car.

But now Benjamin Golden — who is facing legal charges from the Orange County district attorney — wants to meet driver Edward Caban to apologize for his violent behavior!

Appearing on CBS News, the 32-year-old claimed he has no memory of his belligerent violence caught on camera during a ride last Friday in Costa Mesa, California.

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A teary-eyed Golden admitted he lost count of how many drinks he had that night, and that his behavior was inexcusable. He said with tears:

“It’s not me in the video, it’s not me. It was hard to watch and I’m ashamed.”

The attacker was arrested right after he left the car, and didn’t learn of the impact of his actions until he was released the next day. After watching himself brutally attacking the driver in the video, his “heart sank.”

Golden doesn’t think he has a drinking problem, asserting that his moment rage was out of character:

“I’m not one to get in fights. I think a lot of people that I know are in shock by what they saw.”

After the incident, Golden was fired from his job as marketing executive of Taco Bell, and is being sued by the driver for at least $25,000 for assault and intentional infliction of emotional distress — he could also be facing a year in jail.

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The former exec revealed he is now seeking counseling, saying the only thing he can do now is “make it right.” He added:

“I’ve worked so hard and I’ve tried so hard and I had a stupid night and it’s my fault and I’ve thrown everything away, you know. I’m going to make it right, and I think that’s the only thing I can do.”

But Caban, who used pepper spray to defend himself during the attack, says he has no intention of meeting Golden for an apology, explaining:

“He says it’s not him, but that’s the only him I know. That wasn’t him, but it was him who had the first drink. It was him who made the decision to go out that night, and in the end, it was him who made the decision to beat me.”

Do YOU think the attacker is remorseful for his actions? Click HERE to see the full interview!

[Image via CBS.]

Nov 5, 2015 11:03am PDT

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