Justin Bieber Says Fame Almost Destroyed Him! Find Out Why He’s Done Being ‘Self-Centered’ In Candid New Interview!

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He sure has changed a lot in the past year!

Justin Bieber may currently be at the peak of his career, but looking back at 2014, who would ever have thought he’d make it out intact?

As he nears the release of his new album Purpose, the Biebs is reflecting about all of the mistakes he’s made as a young adult and is doing his best to say Sorry.

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In a recent interview with Billboard, the 21-year-old got deep about his dark years where he wasn’t sure if he’d ever be able to come back from his negative image, saying:

“[Fame] might seem awesome from the outside, but I’m struggling. Certain things broke my trust with people. Situations happen that taint your mind. I started going through the motions. I felt like people were judging me all the time. I came out alive. I came out swinging. But I was close to letting it completely destroy me.”


But just because he was damaged at one point, doesn’t mean he’s incapable of growing.

“Enough with ‘The Justin Bieber Show’. I want to veer away from the self-centered attitude. I’m just focused on the people who have been there since the start, on people who are taking the journey now. I want them to feel like we’re doing this together.”

We’re just glad you’re okay now, Justin!

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So how does JB feel about what’s likely to be his most personal album yet??

“F**k I’m so nervous. It’s hard to make meaningful songs that make you want to dance because it can come off cheesy. In the past I’ve recorded songs that I didn’t like, that I wouldn’t listen to, that the label was telling me to record. I’m self-expressing with this album — I can’t skip on the moments that were dark, the moments that were happy, the ex-girlfriend stuff. It makes it real.”

It’s safe to say we’re very excited to see how this new-and-improved Justin dealt with all of those emotions!

But based on what we’ve heard from Where Are ├â┼ô Now, What Do You Mean?, Sorry, and I’ll Show You, we’re not worried for the pop star in the slightest.

Will U be buying Purpose when it drops November 13??

[Image via Zoey Grossman/Billboard.]

Nov 5, 2015 10:48am PDT

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