Law & Order: SVU Tackled The Duggar Scandal Last Night — Only MORE Twisted! Get The Rundown HERE!

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Talk about REAL drama!

On last night’s episode of Law & Order: SVU, they finally tackled the scandal of the yearThe Duggars.

We’ve been excited for this episode since the stars of the show first talked about the possibility and then later confirmed its air date!

Though the episode — which was titled Patrimonial Burden — didn’t delve into the Ashley Madison scandal, it was very obviously about the Duggar family. In fact, they even specifically made reference to them in the show!

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The episode centered around the Baker family who had a fictitious hit reality television show called 13aker’s Dozen.

The episode started out with a ceremony for 13-year-old Lane (Victoria Leigh) — one of the Baker daughters — as she pledged to her father Frank (Christopher Sieber) that she would “abstain from all sexual activity until the day you give me to my husband.”

Shortly after this, Lane collapsed and was taken to the hospital where she was discovered to be 3 months pregnant.

The episode followed some of the same twists and turns the the Duggar scandal did, such as the oldest brother, Graham, being sent away to an evangelical reform camp because he touched his sisters in inappropriate ways.

Obviously, he was also the suspected father to his sister’s child.

But the show proved to be far more twisted than reality when SVU introduced the character of Pastor Greg Eldon (Ryan Devlin). The pastor served as both the reality family’s spirtual leader as well as their lawyer and did a very good job of throwing Olivia (Mariska Hargitay) off her scent.

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It ended up being Amanda (Kelly Giddish) who helped Olivia figure things out because she just happened to have binge watched 13aker’s Dozen!

Gotta love binge watchers. LOLz!

Olivia ultimately figures out that one of the Baker children is not the biological offspring of Pam and Frank — the Jim Bob and Michelle of the fictitious show — but rather the child of their 15-year-old daughter Summer and a mystery man — also suspected to be Graham.

But in true Law & Order fashion, the first suspect is never who did it!

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The whole episode Pastor Eldon attempted to trick Pam and Frank into thinking the father of both Summer and Lane’s kids was Graham, but because Olivia is the best detective ever, she figured out they were the pastor’s kids!

Eldon of course tried to guilt Pam into lying about the scandal by telling her all the fans the family would lose if the truth came out. But the faux reality mom didn’t care about the fans and just wanted her family restored and Eldon put away!

At the end of the show, they were pretty on point by ending with the observation:

“Look what happened with the Duggars. Word gets out that one of those virgin Baker daughters is knocked up, there goes the TV show, the book deal.”

We always love a good Law & Order fiction-meets-reality episode, and this was definitely on point without being too close to the REAL deal.

What did you think of last night’s episode?

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Nov 5, 2015 1:13pm PST

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