Donald Trump’s Turn Hosting SNL Was Apparently The Show’s Highest-Rated Episode In Nearly Four Years!

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The Donald brings in the viewers!

Say what you will about controversial Donald Trump — and many people do (more on that in a minute!) — the presidential hopeful gets people to tune in, just like he did for last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live!

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According to NBC, the ratings for last night’s show were massive: Nielsen recorded a 6.6 household rating, which beat every episode this season by a wide margin, and had a 47% higher viewership than the week Miley Cyrus and Hillary Clinton appeared on SNL together!

In fact, last night’s was the highest-rated episode of the show since January 7, 2012, when Charles Barkley hosted and Kelly Clarkson was the musical guest. WOW!!!

It’s though that Trump’s episode last night eclipsed 10 million total viewers (the Miley/Hillary episode, the season’s previous high, did 6.3 million viewers), but we won’t know that number until later in the week.

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Either way, wow — as controversial as he is, The Donald seems to have brought in the viewers.

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Nov 8, 2015 2:19pm PDT

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