Still Excited Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Are TOTALLY Official?! Celebrate With The Top 10 Vines Of The Week!

blake shelton gwen stefani officially dating

Our faith in love has been restored!

ICYMI: Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton FINALLY confirmed they were an item after weeks and weeks of speculation. Though, we’re not entirely shocked since the two of them both recently finalized their divorces to their exes Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert.

We couldn’t be happier for the couple — and we’re especially stoked to see their relationship play out on the rest of this season of The Voice. Squee!

Well in order to keep the good vibes going, we’ve compiled the best six second vids this week has to offer.

Now that Halloween’s come and gone, we KNOW you have the free time to dive in and enjoy these HIGHlarious Vines — c’mon what else have you got going on??

Ch-ch-check out the top 10 Vines of this week (below)!

10. There are Adele fans of ALL ages! Loves it.

9. PSA: Snoop only if you DARE!

8. Careful Hailee Steinfeld‘s hit song, Love Myself, may haunt you.

7. Don’t worry we’ve all been there!

6. The Walking Dead would be a very different show if it had cellphones. #MindBlown

5. Rules were made to be broken — right, guys??

4. Classic Starbucks problems. WE KID!

3. This is a little too accurate. Well played!

2. This is why the future of space travel is TERRIFYING!

1. Not everyone is meant to do DIY projects. Merp!

Nov 8, 2015 12:01am PDT

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