Did Bradley Cooper Accidentally Reveal A MAJOR Spoiler For Guardians Of The Galaxy 2?? Watch & Find Out HERE!

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It’s a good thing he’s pretty!

Spoilers get out all the time in the film industry, sometimes from reporters who won’t stop digging — and sometimes from the stars who accidentally say something they shouldn’t.

The latter might be the case with Bradley Cooper when he was questioned about Guardians of the Galaxy 2 during a recent interview with MTV (below).

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Cooper was doing some press for his newest movie Burnt when he was asked about the villain in the sequel to the mega-hit comic book movie Guardians of the Galaxy. Possible spoilers ahead!

Cooper revealed that Thanos — played by Josh Brolin — is the main villain in GOTG2 but there was DEFINITELY some confusion.

The interviewer is also extremely excited because she clearly believes that The Hangover star revealed a huge Marvel secret — the identity of Star-Lord’s (Chris Pratt) father — believing that it’s Thanos.

Ch-ch-check out the interview for yourself (below) to see if you think Cooper screwed up!

Hmm, is there really any info being revealed here??

In Bradley’s explanation, he claims that Thanos was also the “main villain” in the first movie — which he wasn’t, it was Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) — and it also seems like he’s saying Thanos was Ronan’s dad — which he wasn’t.

While there is a good chance that the 40-year-old actor has spoilers to give — his costar Vin Diesel recently confirmed via Facebook that a GOTG2 script has been sent to actors already — we think it’s more likely that he doesn’t even really know the character names or relations from the first film!

What do you think? Do you buy that Thanos could be Star-lord’s father?!

Nov 9, 2015 2:21pm PDT

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