Watch Two Grown Men Flee A Golf Course In Terror — Complete With High-Pitched Screams — While Being Chased By A Kangaroo!

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This is too funny!!!

Two friends — James Macklin and Connor Reeves — were golfing in Queensland, Australia when they ran across a kangaroo!

The Aussie native apparently didn’t take too kindly to the men golfing right on that particular portion of the course because it immediately started to chase James away.

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Fearing for his safety (seriously, kangaroos are no joke!), James jumped in the golf cart!

And thankfully he whipped out a cell phone camera to video his pal when the marsupial headed his way!

Ch-ch-check out the two buddies fleeing in terror away from the kangaroo (below), but please note some NSFW language:


Perhaps more bizarre than this story is that it happened over a year ago!! A golf course review site JUST found the video (which had been uploaded to YouTube without much fanfare last month), and it’s only now catching hold across the Internet.

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In fact, it’s prompted Macklin to come out and clarify over the weekend that the two weren’t bugging the kangaroo, and the animal never appeared to have been hurt by any actions the boys caused, in a post on Facebook this week:

Just clearing it all up about the kangaroo video, me and Connor Reeves who were in the video. We were at Harvey Bay Golf…
Posted by James Macklin on Saturday, November 7, 2015


It’s good to know that no harm was done, because now we can all laugh at these two screaming in high-pitched voices while driving in terror away from a kangaroo! LOLz!!

[Image via YouTube.]

Nov 9, 2015 3:40pm PDT

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