Key Witness In O.J. Simpson Trial Kato Kaelin Still Believes The Former Athlete Is Guilty Of Murder 20 Years Later

Kato Kaelin

Twenty years later, Kato Kaelin still strongly believes O.J. Simpson killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.

As a key “friendly” witness during O.J.’s trial in 1995, the radio personality took the stand to offer a timeline of events during the night of the murders.

In an interview for Barbara Walters‘ new Investigation Discovery series airing Monday, November 9, the 56-year-old recounted that fateful night and how his feelings haven’t changed toward the former athlete.

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According to Kaelin, — who was occupying Simpson’s guest house during the time of the murders — the two pals went pick up dinner from McDonald’s around 9:25pm. Upon returning, the two retired to their separate abodes. About an hour and a half later, a limo arrived to take Simpson to the airport for a trip, and Kaelin came over to help the father-of-six finish packing.

He recalled something suspicious about one of Simpson’s pieces of luggage, although he never found out what was inside:

“There was a bag that was ready to be packed. And he said, ‘Don’t touch that bag.’ And that bag was never found. It looked like a backpack. I don’t know what was in there, but something in there . . . enough for O.J. to say, ‘Don’t touch.'”

Hmmm. We’re sure it was a night he will never forget…

Despite Kaelin’s testimony, Simpson was found not guilty — a verdict that Miz Walters was present with Kaelin for. At the time, Kaelin remembers telling the iconic interviewer that the jurors didn’t make the right call:

“I remember that because you asked me off camera, you said, ‘What do you think?’ and I whispered into your ear, I said ‘I think they made a mistake.'”

As for how he feels now:

“I could only say what I knew and that’s what I testified to, my opinion about his guilt is my opinion. In my opinion, yes, I think he’s guilty. In hindsight, and everything, 20 years later, I think that O.J. Simpson is guilty.”

The whole trial will be recreated in the FX miniseries American Crime Story where Kaelin will be played in Into The Woods star Billy Magnussen.

[Image via Investigation Discovery.]

Nov 9, 2015 5:11pm PDT

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