Kelly Osbourne Almost Unknowingly Sent Her New Puppy To Its Untimely Death! She Recounts The Harrowing Tale With A Happy Ending HERE!

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Kelly Osbourne AND her puppy are having a very rough Monday!

Earlier this morning, Kelly rehashed a terrifying and upsetting tale of how she almost killed her new doggy. The scary incident occurred just ONE DAY after Osbourne rescued the adorable canine from a man who attempted to sell the helpless animal illegally.

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According to the fashion guru, just as she was about to wash her sheets, she heard a little sneeze from inside the hamper. Obviously, it’s not hard to guess who was hiding in the blankets — Kel’s new rescue dog!

Check out the harrowing tale in full (below)!

OMG, what a terrible nightmare! Luckily the little angel peeped and the former reality star was able to rescue her in time! Yikes.

As a pick-me-up after that story, here’s a cute vid of the puppy acclimating to her new home! Take a look at the precious dog (below)!

So cute!

As for a name, we think Kelly should go with Lucky — any pup who narrowly misses a washing machine death is more than deserving of the moniker!

[Image via Instagram.]

Nov 9, 2015 2:15pm PDT

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