Michael Lohan Accuses Kate Major Of Cheating On Him While In Rehab!

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Another day, another twist in the insane saga of Michael Lohan and Kate Major.

Just a week after the couple lost custody of their two young boys, Michael accused Kate of cheating on him while she was in rehab for alcoholism. The allegation comes on the heels of Lohan claiming Major also burglarized their home in Florida.

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Yikes! We bet Lindsay Lohan‘s eyes just rolled right out of her head — her poppa is always embroiled in some kind of crazy drama!

In true M.L. fashion, the father of two took to Facebook to air his theory that Kate cheated and the post is quite juicy. Check out Mike’s hashtag filled message (below)!

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Hmm, the Long Island native seems pretty calm for a man whose wife is allegedly cheating! Also, it’s so Michael to call out the mom of two’s lovers with hashtags — Lolz!

While the blonde hasn’t publicly responded to the claims (her Twitter account hasn’t been active since September) we bet she has a lot of thoughts. Maybe Kate thinks keeping quiet is her best chance for regaining custody!

We just wonder if this is truly the end for the couple — they’ve been off and on for so many years we can’t imagine them finally calling it quits. It’s definitely true that misery loves company…

Despite all of his love life troubles, Lohan seems to have a lot of inneresting thoughts on romance. Take a look at one of the father’s musings (below)!

Ha! Such deep thoughts, Michael!

[Image via Twitter.]

Nov 9, 2015 12:01pm PST

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