Hospital City Of Hope Reveals They ‘Never Treated’ Brooks Ayers For Cancer!

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Meghan Edmonds must be doing a happy dance right about now!

On Tuesday, City Of Hope hospital in So Cal released an official statement saying they NEVER treated Brooks Ayers for cancer despite his claims.

Video: RHOC‘s Vicki & Meghan Get Into A CRAZY Fight Over Brooks’ Cancer!

WOAH. We thought we’d never find out the truth!

Obviously, this is a big revelation considering Season 10 of The Real Housewives of Orange County focused entirely on whether or not Ayers was truly ill. Many of the ladies doubted and publicly questioned the reality star’s sickness despite his dramatic protests.

At one point, the businessman even went as far to threaten legal action against Meghan after she continued to voice her concerns about his diagnosis to the press. Unfortunately, the blonde has yet to speak out on this MASSIVE betrayal but we have no doubt she’ll be tweeting up a storm soon.

What’s most disturbing about this situation is that Brooks went as far to doctor documents with the City of Hope’s logo. At this rate, who knows what else the conman has lied about!

So, are YOU surprised by this reveal?

Nov 10, 2015 2:47pm PST

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