Donald Trump Vows To Defend Christmas From Starbucks’ ‘War’ If Elected — But Is His Promise Sincere?!

donald trump war on starbucks

Say it ain’t so!

On Monday, Donald Trump made the time to weigh in on this week’s latest controversy and supported the boycott of Starbucks — all because the coffee corporation wants to eliminate their Christmas themed cups. Seriously??

While speaking to a crowd in Illinois, the presidential hopeful stated:

“I have one of the most successful Starbucks, in Trump Tower. Maybe we should boycott Starbucks? I don’t know. Seriously, I don’t care. That’s the end of that lease, but who cares? If I become president, we’re all going to be saying Merry Christmas again, that I can tell you. That I can tell you.”

That’s crazy! The Apprentice star HAS to be trolling us.

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Still, we aren’t ENTIRELY shocked by the businessman’s vow since we can imagine he was pandering to win over Christian Evangelicals who are based in important electoral states like Iowa and South Carolina.

We mean the next Republican debate is just around the corner. Hmm, very inneresting!

Regardless, this isn’t the first time the 69-year-old has pledged his allegiance to the Christian holiday. At a rally back in October, Donald noted:

“I guarantee if I become president, we’re going to be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ at every store.”

We definitely hope Saturday Night Live does something with this gold moment! Oh well, we guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out Trump’s comments for yourself (below)!

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN.]

Nov 10, 2015 8:28am PDT

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