Jamie Lee Curtis’ Psycho Shower Scene Is The Best Thing On Scream Queens Yet! Watch The Badass Twist!

We FINALLY got to see Jamie Lee Curtis‘s Psycho shower scene on Tuesday night’s Scream Queens — and the O.G. scream queen didn’t disappoint!

The actress recreated a shot-for-shot scene paying homage to her own mommie dearest Janet Leigh, who was famously butchered in the shower in Alfred Hitchcock‘s horror masterpiece!

But JLC’s scene had quite the badass twist! The Red Devil seemingly caught Dean Munsch in a vulnerable position, but drew back the curtain to [SPOILERS] find the Dean was gone!

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Then, like a badass, Munsch pulled a stealthy sneak attack and knocked the killer out, quipping:

“I saw that movie 50 times!”

But the badassery didn’t stop there! Munsch took on not one, not two, but THREE of the masked killers — including one dressed as Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia! LOLz!

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And she kicked the sh*t out of them all! In a hilarious monologue, we learn that the Dean was taught how to fight from a lover during her semester abroad!

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Watch the Dean kick some killer ass (below)!

At the end of the episode, Nick Jonas finally made his return as well, at least without the Red Devil mask on (remember, he’s one of the killers)!

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We see Boone hitting up the gym incognito, though his bearded disguise gets more attention than it should because everyone at the gym thinks he’s Joaquin Phoenix!

While on the phone with an unknown Killer #2, he reveals that Gigi was the killer in the Anthony Scalia mask and she is “ruining our brand,” so she has to go!

It looks like Nasim Pedrad better watch out on next week’s episode!

[Image via FOX.]

Nov 11, 2015 11:30am PST

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