McDonald’s Is Adding Mozzarella Sticks To The Menu! See The Surprisingly Low Cost HERE!

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We DEFINITELY want to try them!

On Tuesday McDonald’s announced that they would be adding a new item to their menu nationwide next year — mozzarella sticks!

The fast food chain had been experimenting with the cheese sticks in the New York market to see if they were a popular enough item — and not surprisingly they were a big hit!

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Some Burger King restaurants already have the snacks for around $2 for four sticks. However, it seems that the golden arches are looking to one up their competition by offering the breaded cheese snacks for only $1 for a pack of three!

Unfortunately the sticks are fried before they arrive at the restaurants and then just baked on site — but hey, they could still be great!

But this isn’t the only item that’s in the works for McDonald’s as they’re also testing out sweet potato fries in 18 of their restaurants in the Amarillo, Texas area!

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On top of that, the chain is also trying to appeal to fans by tweaking some of their burger cooking habits like toasting burger buns a bit longer and searing burger patties.

What do YOU think of the new menu items? Are you going to try some mozza sticks next year??

[Image via McDonald’s.]

Nov 11, 2015 9:52am PDT

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