Nick Jonas Refuses To Confirm Or Deny Romantic Relations With Men — Wait, What?!

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Hold the phones!

After playing several high profile gay characters on TV, Nick Jonas was FINALLY asked if he’s ever hooked up with someone of the same sex.

Let’s just say this, the former Jonas Brother knows how to dance around answering a question.

He commented:

“Well I’m gay in Kingdom, if you keep watching the series you’ll see more of that… I can’t say if I have or haven’t, but if you watch the show you’ll see more of that.”

Whoa! Well that’s not a no.

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Still, the Hollywood hunk has since been accused of gaybaiting but he doesn’t seem fazed by the criticism.

He explained:

“In every situation when there’s an opportunity to be negative some people find the need to be… I love the roles that I’m playing and I’m thrilled to be playing them.”

Well said! Nick just know we LOVES him in these roles too. LOLz!

Nonetheless, we doubt Demi Lovato‘s buddy will be coming out as gay anytime soon as he’s been known to keep his private life private. Just last month, the heartthrob avoided talking about his rumored relationship with Kate Hudson while visiting with Ellen DeGeneres.

Whether Nick is gay, straight, or curious — we still think he’s TOTALLY killing it right now. Keep doing you bud and if you ever want to dish about your romantic life, you know where to find us. HA!

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Nov 11, 2015 10:16am PDT

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