Is This Walking Dead Prediction Just Fan Theory — Or Did Someone Figure Out A MAJOR SPOILER?!

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The problem with adapting a comic book that’s been around for years is that a lot of fans can figure out what’s going to happen well ahead of time.

The Walking Dead has mostly fixed that problem by radically changing things up from the get-go.

Rick didn’t lose a hand, Carol is far from a whiny do-nothing, and Tyreese survived the Governor’s assault in one piece.

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Heck, the comics didn’t even have sexy Daryl Dixon!

But every once in a while, an event is pulled directly from the books onto the screen. And some intrepid fans think they’ve figured one out.

[MAJOR SPOILER ALERT… if they’re right…]

In the comics, Alexandria at one point gets overrun by walkers, and as Rick is pulling his son from danger someone puts a wild bullet right into Carl’s head.

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Believe it or not, Carl actually survives this, and he ends up just losing an eye.

Well, a few months ago, a fan site posted this VERY blurry pic, purportedly of actor Chandler Riggs with a bandage over his right eye:

Eye bandaged Carl gin property 8/28
Posted by The Spoiling Dead Fans on Saturday, August 29, 2015

So will this happen the same way in the show??

Well, here’s where we get into major spoiler-y territory. The fan site that posted the image says Carl will actually get shot by an angry Ron!

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Apparently Ron is trying to shoot Rick after his mother Jessie and brother Sam are killed by walkers!

We still have no idea the site’s sources, but their previous scoops have actually been pretty accurate…

So will we be saying goodbye to Rick’s new love interest already??

Are YOU buying this tragic turn of events?

[Images via AMC/Image Comics.]

Nov 11, 2015 6:16pm PDT

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