What?! Vicki Gunvalson Reportedly ‘Still In Love’ With Brooks Ayers Despite His Shocking Cancer Admission!

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Ugh, we really hope this allegation isn’t true!

According to sources close to Vicki Gunvalson, the reality star is “still in love” with Brooks Ayers despite his recent admission that he doctored fake medical records from the City Of Hope hospital.

NO! How could Vicks still be pining for Ayers after all he’s done?! Not only is the blonde’s reputation ruined, but her familial relationships are also suffering!

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A source elaborated on the confusing situation, saying:

“[She’s] absolutely still in love with Brooks. She talks about missing him. She’s dating other people here and there, but she’s not over Brooks. They have texted a lot in the past few weeks and they’ve spoken a couple of times.”

Wait?! Didn’t Gunvalson just tweet that she’d never speak to the business man ever again?!

To make matters worse, a confidante close to V.G. said the Orange County native feels partly responsible for the scandal! The friend admitted:

“I think she feels terrible about everything that’s happened. If it weren’t for her position in the spotlight, Brooks’ character would never have been called into question so publicly. When things were good with them, she was really happy and they had a lot of fun. She’s sad that it’s over.”

Hmm… we think Brooks is solely responsible for this mess. Just because you’re put in the spotlight, it doesn’t give you a free pass to come up with a terrible lie!

We guess we’ll have to wait until season 11 to see how this one plays out!

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Nov 11, 2015 6:02pm PDT

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