Daniel Craig Has PTSD? Ralph Fiennes Defends Costar’s James Bond Comments On Watch What Happens Live!

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We’re not surprised!

Daniel Craig came under a bit of fire last month with his over-the-top comments about slashing his wrists rather than playing James Bond again.

Despite Craig slightly changing his tune, the Brit’s Spectre costar Ralph Fiennes defended him while talking to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live last night!

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While talking about Daniel’s controversial comments, Fiennes said:

“Daniel is filming for something like seven months, is in 95 per cent of the film and does all his own stunts, so I think anything he says after that is coming from a man who has post traumatic stress syndrome.”

Ralph went on to praise the Bond star saying:

“He carries the film, he gives an amazing performance so I take all of that with a pinch of salt… I think you have to recognize that this is a guy that has given 200 percent of his life, everything, to inhabiting Bond and at the end of it he is just shooting from the hip.”

Cohen couldn’t help but ask the 52-year-old actor if he knew if Craig might play Bond one more time. Unfortunately the Harry Potter alum responded how we thought he would, saying only:

“We are all hoping he will, but we just don’t know.”

It’s nice to see the Bond buddies are there for each other!

We totally get where Ralph is coming from as we can imagine playing the same character several times can get a bit boring after a while.

Do you understand Craig and Fiennes’ point of view or should they embrace the iconic roles they’re given?

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Nov 12, 2015 11:44am PDT

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