Judd Apatow Reveals The Planned Storyline For Freaks And Geeks Season 2 — As We Look At Where The Cast Is Now!

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Oh what could have been!

The massive cult comedy Freaks and Geeks met its end WAY too soon when the cancelation was announced after only 12 episodes had aired back in 2000.

Many fans still wonder what would have happened to the star studded comedy if it had made it to a second season. Well thanks to Judd Apatow, we have a bit of an idea!

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The comedy director/producer revealed in an interview that the second season would have centered a lot on Martin Starr‘s character, Bill Haverchuck, becoming a “jock” because his character’s mother had married the school’s gym teacher.

Apatow went on to say:

“The show was going to have to change, because John Daley was getting taller, and it was also going to become about how these nerdy kids stay together when they’re changing in different ways.”

Martin added:

“Because of the decisions I was making off-camera, they had plans gearing toward Bill becoming a jock in the second season. They kind of talked about the potential of splitting us up as a threesome and the geeks parting ways, to some degree, and me fitting in with a different crowd.”

That’s probably the most insight we’ll get about what a potential second season would have looked like.

On the bright side though, we can catch up with all the stars like Linda Cardellini, Jason Segel and of course James Franco to see how they’ve changed and where they are now (below)!

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Nov 12, 2015 2:11pm PDT

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