Gwen Stefani Tried Her Hardest To Keep Rumors Of Gavin Rossdale’s Alleged Affair From Their Three Children

Gavin and Gwen

For those wondering why it took so long for rumors of Gavin Rossdale‘s affair to surface, the answer is quite simple.

Despite her own heartache, Gwen Stefani reportedly wanted to protect their three children from finding out what was going on between the Bush frontman and the nanny.

Such a terrible situation.

Alas, it was only a matter of time before the alleged affair came to light.

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A source close to the Used To Love You singer revealed there was trouble in paradise back in February 2014 — which supports claims that Gavin left the hospital when Gwen gave birth to their youngest son Apollo to have a rendezvous with the caregiver Mindy Mann.

The insider shared:

“[She was] thinking maybe another kid would draw them close, but really [it] just brought them further apart. Gwen wanted to try and make it work, but in her heart she knew that she could not get past the betrayal.”

Miz Stefani only cited “irreconcilable differences” while filing for divorce in August to hopefully keep the situation under wraps:

“Gwen didn’t want the news about the nanny to get out for the sake of her kids. She really wanted to protect them and not have them go through knowing this went on with their father and someone that she trusted. Over the last few weeks, she had begun telling more of her friends what had happened. She is ready to move on and start the next chapter of her life.”

Another source tells E! News:

“Gwen is feeling the best she has felt in a long time despite all of [the] nanny stories circling.”

As for Mann, she is obviously no longer employed by the family but a source shares:

“Gavin is in contact with her, checking up on her to make sure she is OK … Gavin is with the kids now and wants to keep things as normal as possible for them. He is super protective and just wants them to be safe during this difficult time.”

Ugh. What a mess.

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Nov 12, 2015 4:55pm PDT

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