Zendaya Continues To School People On Race & Cultural Appropriation: ‘I Have Pride In Knowing That I’m An African American’

Zendaya opens up more for Hunger magazine!

It was two months ago Zendaya gave us a look at her Hunger magazine cover and spread, but now her interview is finally out!

About time! LOLz!

While the 19-year-old speaks up about her music career and starting as a child star, she also unsurprisingly doesn’t shy away from bigger issues.

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Z shined her wisdom on cultural appropriation, in which she shared:

“I don’t like speaking about things that I don’t know about. But cultural appropriation is something that I can understand, and something that I can appreciate people being concerned about. You witness it all the time, and for me at least, being someone who’s very proud of where I’m from, I think it’s important to be vocal.”

And the Disney starlet continued:

“Obviously, both my parents are American, and were born in America, but America is such a melting pot ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ everyone’s from everywhere. The only people who are native are Native Americans! So everyone’s an immigrant in a sense. My mum has roots in Germany and Ireland, and my dad is African American. There’s a big disconnect with African-American people, because we’re not able to trace our roots as far back, so I think it was really important to my father to take the time to find out where he really comes from. I have that pride in knowing that I’m an African American. I think when you develop pride in where you’re from then you have more respect and understanding in terms of where other people are from also. No one’s just white and no one’s just black.”

It’s great she’s so passionate about speaking out about it, especially since there’s still so much ignorance about cultural appropriation and race.

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On a lighter note though, the actress also spoke about growing out of being a child star:

“To me it’s not a transition, it’s just broadening my career and my fan base. Transitioning means you leave something behind and you start something new. I’m not leaving the Disney Channel behind, nor am I leaving behind the kid fans, because they still exist. I’m just opening up the door to all the other people that could be possible fans, or would maybe enjoy my music. If you think of it like that then it’s more successful, because then you’re not alienating any group of people.”

Just look at how Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus did it, for example!

Anyway, the rising star delved even deeper into her career, saying she likes to have a hand on each of her projects:

“I try and have as much as possible, because I’m a control freak, and I’m a perfectionist. It’s just in my DNA. I always got in trouble at school for being ‘bossy’. Some people like to say the word bossy. I prefer the word leader, or just boss, without the y at the end. That trait can be good! Obviously sometimes people take it too far, but I think it can be good if you harness the right power.”

Good for her!

She’s only a teen, but she’s already doing big things!

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Nov 12, 2015 5:13pm PDT

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