Whoa — Watch Donald Trump Compare ‘Pathological’ Opponent Ben Carson To A Child Molester!

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This just made the race for the top GOP presidential nomination spot a bit more scandalous!

Donald Trump went on CNN Thursday to talk politics with anchor Erin Burnett, and very quickly, the conversation turned to the man who has thus far been Trump’s main rival at the top of the polls: Dr. Ben Carson.

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Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, has come under fire recently for quite a few things, including lying about his supposed acceptance to the United States Military Academy.

Trump called Carson out on his lies, telling Burnett how worried it made the real estate mogul to be running along side somebody with a checkered history and a “pathological temper” — even going so far as to compare Carson to a child molester!

Referencing disturbing stories Carson himself told in his memoir, Gifted Hands, Trump said to Burnett:

“You know, when he says he went after his mother and wanted to hit her in the head with a hammer, that bothers me. I mean, that’s pretty bad. When he says he’s pathological ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ and he says that in the book, I don’t say that ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ and again, I’m not saying anything, I’m not saying anything other than pathological is a very serious disease. And he said he’s pathological, somebody said he has pathological disease.”

Trump focused much of his interview on Carson’s violent history as a child, continuing with more about the famed doctor’s supposed activities:

“When he said he hit a friend of his in the face with a lock, with a pad lock, right in the face, I say, ├óΓé¼╦£Whoa, that’s pretty bad.’ And when he said he stabbed somebody with a knife but it hit a belt buckle ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ I know all about knives and belt buckles. Belt buckles aren’t gonna stop because they can turn, they can twist ├óΓé¼┬ª they’re not solid especially if somebody’s got a couple extra pounds on them.”

From there, the real estate mogul played his Trump card, and one that’s sure to reverberate around the political world over the weekend — The Donald kinda sorta compared Carson to… a child molester. Yikes.

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See it happen on video (below):

Well then. The Celebrity Apprentice mogul went RIGHT for it.

Do U think Trump took it too far??

[Image via Joel Ginsburg/Johnny Louis/WENN.]

Nov 13, 2015 10:59am PDT

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