Horrible Things We Learned From Dr. Phil’s Interview With One Of Jared Fogle’s Sex Scandal Victims

Dr. Phil‘s interview with the first victim of Jared Fogle‘s sex scandal victims to come forward aired on Thursday, and we are still so grossed out.

The victim — going only by Analissa — is now 16 but describes in the interview what happened to her when she was just 14 years old.

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At the time she frequently hung out at the house of Russell Taylor, the head of Jared’s children’s charity.

Not only did Taylor buy the underage Analissa and several other girls liquor, but he also got WAY inappropriate with them!

She revealed:

“At 16 he was telling me it was legal to have sex with anybody at any age, and he had me convinced to do that… He asked if I had ever experienced an orgasm, and just had me convinced to have sex with him at 16.”

But it wasn’t just talking Taylor was doing. He’d ply the girls with alcohol to really cross the line:

“When we were not drinking, we’d usually have all our clothes on, but I remember the time that we were is when he’d try to make his move, and come in and catch something or see something.”

The teen also later found out that she was being secretly filmed in the bedroom and bathroom when she thought she was alone.

And those tapes were being passed along to Jared.

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Analissa may be safe now, but the violation left a mark that won’t go away. She lamented:

“He took my happiness, he took my trust, he took my pride, everything… I feel so low. I feel like nothing.”

So awful. See more of the shocking interview (above).

Nov 13, 2015 11:59am PDT

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