Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Equal Pay, Amy Schumer, & How She Got Discovered! Watch Her Get Revealing With Diane Sawyer!

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Who knew Jennifer Lawrence and Diane Sawyer had so much in common?!

The two Kentucky natives sat down for a very revealing interview on ABC‘s Nightline Thursday evening, and the Hunger Games star dished on everything from her younger years to her recently penned essay about Hollywood’s gender pay gap!

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J.Law revealed that she didn’t alway know she wanted to act, but just thought she was an overly emotional kid.

She said of her adolescence:

“I was weird and different, and I knew I was smart but the evidence just didn’t agree…I would think something and then feel it. And now I know what that is, now I can channel that at work. You don’t know why someone’s telling a story and you’re sobbing, it just makes you look like you’re trying to get all the attention.”

Now, the Oscar winner has ALL the attention — but it didn’t happen overnight!

The 25-year-old talked about being frustrated in her early years in the biz and crying when she wasn’t getting roles.

But now, she’s busy writing a movie with bestie Amy Schumer, a friendship where both stars are “protective over each other!”

Check out the full interview (below) to see the actress teach Diane archery and reveal whether she ever wants to get married!

[Image via ABC.]

Nov 13, 2015 11:45am PDT

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