Kim Kardashian Is SO Over Being Pregnant — Says The Experience Has Been ‘Awful’!

kim kardashian says pregnancy is awful

All women love being pregnant, right??


On Friday, Kim Kardashian West got CANDID in an interview about the struggles she’s been facing while pregnant with North West‘s little brother. And boy, do we feel for her!

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She explained:

“I just don’t think pregnancy and me really agree with each other. You know, it was really hard for me to get pregnant so I do feel really blessed that I am pregnant and, at the end of the day, it is a million times worth it.”

Poor thing. Not to mention, it seems that the KUWTK starlet does not see eye to eye with supermom sister Kourtney Kardashian on the whole pregnancy process.

She continued:

“I’m really not complaining, I’m just being honest and being honest about [it]. I hate it. You know pregnancy is not for me├óΓé¼┬ªYou know I’ve heard stories forever about how amazing pregnancy is from my mom and Kourtney and that’s just not the case for me and I’m not going to sit here and lie and act like it’s the most blissful experience. It’s awful.”

Way to speak the truth, girl. We can’t imagine how exhausting the whole process must be — especially as she’s recently revealed that she’s gained 52 pounds while carrying her second child. Oof!

She noted:

“It’s my reality and I’ve always been super honest. You know, last time I gained 50 and I delivered around this time, you know, week wise into my pregnancy. And so I’m 52 pounds up and I still have, what six weeks to go? So I’m definitely a little nervous, but I’m enjoying it. I’ve started to eat whatever I want. I know my bounce back game is [strong]. I enjoy the process, the challenge of getting back, so I’m not worried about the afterword.”

Well we’re glad to hear she’s not stressing too badly!

She concluded:

“My baby is a lot bigger this time. It’s a whole different weight shift├óΓé¼┬ªEvery pregnancy really is different and I carry the weight differently. But no, I’m not like afraid to say what is on my mind or how I’m feeling especially about pregnancy I feel like it’s what everyone goes through, so why not share my story and my process?”

Well said. We couldn’t be happier for Kimmy Kakes and Kanye West on their impending bundle of joy.

Now we just have to wait quietly until they reveal the little one’s name. HA!

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Nov 13, 2015 8:37am PDT

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