Paris Attacks: Residents Use #PorteOuverte To Help Non-French Speakers Seek Shelter

It's so incredible to see the people in Paris coming together like this.

On Friday, Paris was rocked by multiple terror attacks.

Reports are saying over 100 people have been killed in a series of assaults, including a hostage situation at Le Bataclan concert hall, explosions during a soccer game at Stade de France, and other shootings.

France’s president Fran├â┬ºois Hollande has closed the nation’s borders and issued a state of emergency. Police are encouraging civilians to stay off the streets.

Video: Fans Sing French National Anthem During Stadium Evacuation

In the wake of the terrifying tragedy, Parisian residents are using social media to offer assistance to anyone in the city who doesn’t speak French.

One Twitter user shared:

“Porte ouverte” translates to “open door” in English, and that’s exactly what the capital’s residents are embracing.

A website called has been set up to help anyone who’s stranded to seek shelter from people in the city who’s graciously offered to share their living space.

If non-French speakers in the area search the hashtag online, they’ll be able to find and DM users who are willing to let anyone in need of assistance into their homes.

They’ve been posting messages like this:

However, people want to remind these good samaritans not to post their exact address for safety reasons, writing:

Users are also asking that the hashtag be contained only to people within the city, so that the social media service doesn’t get bogged down:

We think it’s absolutely amazing that Paris citizens are willing to open up their homes to complete strangers who might need a place to stay, especially during such a terrifying time.

Our hearts are with Paris.

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Nov 13, 2015 8:56pm PST

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