Adele Reveals Which Track On 25 Is Her ‘F*ck You’ Song & The Weirdest Endorsement Offers She’s Received!

adele 25 album interview

We absolutely can’t wait!

Ever since Adele popped back on the scene when she dropped Hello — her first single after a three year hiatus — the songstress has been breaking records and slaying the game.

In anticipation of the Someone Like You singer’s third album being released Friday, the British beauty sat down for a candid interview with The Guardian about life, fame, and of course 25!

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The 27-year-old’s life has obviously changed quite a bit in the last few years as she’s been thrust into the spotlight.

Adele reflected back on the moment before Someone Like You hit number 1 on the charts, saying:

“I was frightened. I knew something was happening. Not to the level it ended up being. But I could feel this buzz. Suddenly there was the prospect of breaking America and it was, like, ├óΓé¼╦£F*ck.’ Almost like an out-of-body experience. I remember my mum asking, ├óΓé¼╦£What’s wrong? What’s wrong?’ I could just feel something coming.”

With fame came several more opportunities — most of which the Oscar winner turned down! She said:

“What have I said no to? Everything you can imagine. Literally every-f*cking-thing. Books, clothes, food ranges, drink ranges, fitness ranges… That’s probably the funniest. They wanted me to be the face of a car. Toys. Apps. Candles. It’s, like, I don’t want to endorse a line of nail varnishes, but thanks for asking. A million pounds to sing at your birthday party? I’d rather do it for free if I’m doing it, cheers…”

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But staying true to yourself in the face of fame isn’t easy! Adele continued:

“It’s very easy to give in to being famous. Because it’s charming. It’s powerful. It draws you in. Really, it’s harder work resisting it. But after a while I just refused to accept a life that was not real.”

The 25 singer took a few years off and focused on spending time with her family including her three-year-old son, Angelo James Konecki.

While there are several reasons to come back from a hiatus, especially when you’re as MASSIVELY talented as Adele is, she revealed it was actually her son her motivated her to break back on the scene! She said:

“I felt so mega having given birth; the confidence from that, I felt unstoppable. I’m sure most women feel that… Towards the end of the 21 stuff, I couldn’t remember why I was doing it any more. I couldn’t answer the question: ├óΓé¼╦£Why am I halfway around the world? On my own?’ But then, after I had my son, I thought, ├óΓé¼╦£Yeah, that’s why I did it all.’ I felt proud of what I’d achieved with 21 for the first time. And now everything I do, in every channel of my life, is part of a legacy that I’m making for my child. For my children, if I have more. I’m not motivated by much, certainly not by money ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ but I’m motivated by that. I want my child to see his mum running a proper business again. Being a boss again. Hopefully smashing it again.”

During the interview, the blonde beauty also revealed a track off her upcoming album titled Send My Love is once again about the ex who infamously dumped her and inspired her hit album 21! Adele revealed:

“This is my f*ck-you song. It sounds obvious, but I think you only learn to love again when you fall in love again. I’m in that place. My love is deep and true with my man, and that puts me in a position where I can finally reach out a hand to the ex. Let him know I’m over it.”

We LOVES it!

Are you as excited for the release of 25 as we are?

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Nov 16, 2015 11:23am PDT

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