Caitlyn Jenner Says She’s Voting Republican In 2016 — After Being Snubbed At The Democratic Debate!

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Caitlyn, noooo!!!

At the same time the Democratic Party was hosting their debate in Des Moines, Iowa, Caitlyn Jenner was in town at Drake University, filming for I Am Cait — to re-live her 1976 Drake Relays championship as a track and field star.

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On debate night, the star tried to get tickets to the event — and even went all the way up to the president of CBS, David Rhodes — but was turned away at the door!

According to Rhodes:

“Our person told her person that we don’t have any tickets left, which happens to be factual.”

So, the reality TV maven instead watched the debate on TV with a students on the Drake campus, and she came away… not impressed.

Jenner told the Los Angeles Times that she was still going to vote Republican in 2016, as she wasn’t interested in any of the Democrats after seeing the debate:

“They didn’t convince me.”


Here we have a woman purportedly seeking to be some kind of leader in the LGBT community as she makes a very public transition with a very specifically-minded (and popular!) TV show…

And she’s voting for a political group whose leadership far too often works against the progressive interests of the LGBT community!

Is this confusing to anybody else out there, too?!

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Cait, if you want to vote for Republicans so you can pay lower taxes, whatever (you’re already unbelievably rich, but still).

It’s just tough for us to watch you transition in such a beautiful way and take on what you have called the most serious moment of your life, only to see you actively endorsing political candidates who make life much more difficult for people in your new community!!

It’s no wonder people are protesting you at speeches!

[Image via Rob Rich/WENN.]

Nov 16, 2015 5:50pm PDT

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