Elizabeth Hurley Is Baffled By Fans Still Obsessing Over Her Past Relationship With Hugh Grant! Do You Think They’re STILL OTP??

elizabeth hurley talks hugh grant relationship

Do you believe that Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant are OTP?!

Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

However, The Royals actress is more than baffled by fans’ obsession with her previous romantic relationship with her now BFF.

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In a recent interview, she shared:

“It makes us laugh. He’s my next-door neighbor, godfather of my son, my best friend, but we find it weird. I don’t get it.”

LOLz! That’s fair.

Still, everybody LOVES a good bit of nostalgia though! It probably doesn’t help that the brunette beauty recently shared a particularly gush-worthy throwback snap on Instagram of herself and her former flame.

Nonetheless, the twosome apparently have a pact to try and not dish about each other in the media. Well it looks like somebody slipped up. WE KID!

She continued:

“I say it’s not my fault. I’m not volunteering any information, but we do always end up talking about each other. It’s strange. We haven’t dated for 15 years.”

HA! The exes were certainly the ’90s version of #RelationshipGoalz.

Maybe it’s time to give up hope that these two will ever find their way back to one another?? Nah, we’ve still got our fingers crossed.

What do YOU think?! Are Hugh and Elizabeth still meant to be??

SOUND OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Bauer Griffin Online.]

Nov 16, 2015 2:18pm PDT

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