Paris Attacks: Main Suspect Behind Attacks Identified As Belgian National & Linked To Thwarted Train Attack — Details Here

paris attacks mastermind identified

On Friday night tragedy struck Paris, France when terrorists launched a coordinated attack across the city that left over 100 people dead.

The locations involved included restaurants, the Bataclan concert hall, and the Stade de France during a soccer match in which French President François Hollande was attending.

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Both Hollande and the POTUS have addressed the attacks that were claimed to be from the Islamic State — ISIS or ISIL — as we’ve been waiting for more details about the developing situation to break.

Well now it appears that we have a major breakthrough as a French official has identified the suspected mastermind behind the attacks. According to media reports, Belgian national Abdelhamid Abaaoud is the man behind the tragic and disgusting acts.

The French radio station RTL described Abaaoud as “one of the most active (Islamic State) executioners” in Syria. It’s also being reported that Abdelhamid is believed to be linked to the attempted attack on a high-speed train back in August.

That’s not the only development though as officials have also identified two more suicide bombers involved in the attacks. Paris prosecutors have discovered that 28-year-old French national Samy Amimour was the man who blew himself up in the Bataclan music hall on Friday.

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The bomber who targeted the national stadium was found with a Syrian passport with the name Ahmad Al Mohammad and was a 25-year-old who was born in the Idlib province.

There’s still at least one man at large though — Salah Abdeslam, a Belgian-born French national who is the brother of one of the seven terrorists who died in the attacks.

We hope this breakthrough helps to catch the attacker still at large.

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Nov 16, 2015 9:04am PDT

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