Paris Attacks: Hear A Survivor’s Story Of How His Life Was Saved — By His Prosthetic Leg

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What a shocking story of survival!

Gregoire Philonenko was at the Bataclan theater on Friday night with his 19-year-old son and some friends to see the band Eagles of Death Metal when the terror attacks were launched across Paris.

As people began to die around him, Philonenko and his son both fell to the ground and played dead, hoping they would miraculously be left alone — until one of the terrorists began walking their way and shooting roughly every third person lying down to make sure that they were really dead.

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Philonenko wanted him and his son to crawl away, but he couldn’t without being seen by the terrorists, and a disability left him with limited mobility — he has a prosthetic right leg.

The father turned to his son at that point, according to an interview he did later with the BBC, and said:

“Listen, I am a dead man [OK]? It’s over. You don’t move, but me, I am dead.”

The terrorist walked over and kicked at Philonenko — but luckily for Gregoire the gunman hit his prosthetic leg, and the terrified man never even flinched. The shooter shot the person next to Gregoire and walked away.


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Listen to more from Philonenko in his interview (below):

[Image via BBC.]

Nov 16, 2015 6:26pm PDT

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