First Pic From The Wonder Woman Movie Set Reminds You How Sexy Chris Pine Is — And Reveals Secrets From The Film!

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Wonder Woman is FINALLY getting her own movie!

But it may be worth the wait for the heroine, as she’s also getting some very sexy eye candy!

Since we heard Chris Pine was cast as Steve Trevor, we’ve been wondering how he would look as the dashing pilot who steals Gal Gadot‘s heart — or at least the fella she womanhandles when she feels like it. Ha!

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Well thanks to actor Said Taghmaoui (Three Kings), who posted the above pic to Instagram, we now know three things:

1 – Steve’s portion of the movie definitely takes place in the past; they’re clearly wearing World War I garb. That means — barring time travel or some other craziness — Chris Pine will never meet Batman.

2 – The secret working title of the film is Nightingale. The important thing isn’t that we know it, but now the paparazzi know it. That means we could be getting a LOT more pics soon. (It’s probably also why Said deleted the pic shortly after!)

3 – 2015, 23rd century, 1910s… Chris looks damn good no matter what era he’s in!

Wonder Woman is set to hit theaters June 23, 2017.

[Image via Instagram and Warner Bros.]

Nov 16, 2015 12:37pm PDT

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